Payroll, CIS & Auto-enrolment

Employing someone is a big responsibility. Paying them correctly is an even bigger one. We can take the pressure off having to stay up to date with new rules by running your payroll calculations for you.

We calculate payroll for all sorts of employers, from those with one employee on a fixed salary to larger employers who have staff on several different types of contracts such as zero hours, bonuses or performance-related.

We can process payroll weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly or even annually. Our service includes calculating statutory pay, filing reports to HMRC, providing payslips to employees and calculating what you need to pay to HMRC and your pension provider.

We can take care of your auto-enrolment obligations and compliance by calculating the pension contributions payable by you and the staff, and updating your pension provider with this information.

We also deal extensively with subcontractors and contractors in the Construction Industry Scheme:

  • Ensuring subcontractors receive credit for the CIS deducted from their sales
  • Helping contractors understand the sometimes confusing rules surrounding the deduction of CIS from subcontractors
  • Verifying new subcontractors to ensure you deduct the right rate of tax from them
  • Reporting the tax deducted on monthly CIS returns

There are numerous deadlines to meet, whether for payroll, PAYE, CIS or auto-enrolment, and we can manage these for you.

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